“Build Back Better” - “4th Industrial Revolution” - “Limits To Growth” - “Zero Carbon” - Transhumanism Transition Campaign Of The Human Experience

Bilderberg Group “Art” 2013
“The Matrix”, agents, 1999
Communist Chinese state agents - 2022

Look Familiar?

Above is a remote controlled drone, holding up a massive QR code for the Chinese people to scan with their mobile phones (mandatory for all Chinese people) - to continue driving their vehicles on the highway

Think about that

Do You Want That Here?


Then we have to stop the Luciferian demons, and their compromised pedo puppets

The “ruling class” has been funding the sci-fi films, and TV scripts to get the public pre-programmed, pre-conditioned, before the bio-medical digital ID technocracy roll out begins - everything pre-planned in advance

Hollywood movies are getting their scripts cleared by the national security apparatus

Kary Mullis, PCR test inventor, died mysteriously in 2019, before the 2020 campaign

Kary explains above that “PCR” is a “gene capturing” mechanism - it doesn’t “test” for anything

Kary was killed in 2019, before their 2020 campaign started - dead

The federal government has been taken over, hijacked by Luciferian human trafficking demons, and compromised pedophile puppet demon transhumanist minions

What's really in the “test kits”?


Fields of Study

  • biotechnology

  • synthetic biology

  • genetic engineering

  • transhumanism

  • nano-technology

Welcome to the Human 2.0 Experience

Nano Wars Have Begun

Merging man with machine - with “health”, and “safety” as campaign slogans

Campaign “crisises”, to divide and conquer, with synthetic biology, nanotechnology product roll outs

9/11 = Molestation by strangers at airports, DHS, War on “Terror”

2020 - injection “passports”, digital ID, 5g electromagnetics, face diapers, “test” kits, that are actually gene capture mechanisms, hand sanitizer, vertical consolidation by companies, “essential”, non “essential” Soviet style market selection

Short history here:


Any More Questions About What Is Going On?



SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology

“We need to develop genetic engineering technologies, and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells, and predictably program biology in the same way in which, we write software and program computers”

Everything you’ve seen, and experienced over the last few years is divide and conquer, food for thought, distractions, all while the corporatists attempt to re-colonize our bodies with nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and tracking technology

They are experimenting on our seed, our gene pool, our brains, our bodies, our DNA, with campaign covers of “public safety”, “protect others”, “climate change”, “trans rights” to keep everyone appeased, to continue the transition, experiments conducted in real time

This Is Called The “Mark of the Beast”, “Strong Delusion", In The New Testament

Shall We Continue?

“You will own nothing, and be happy”

“Climate change”

“You will eat bugs”

“No more meat”

“No more private property”

“No more combustion engines”

“No more cars”

“Build Back Better”

“Smart cities”

“15-Minute Cities”

“20-Minute Cities”

“internet of bodies”

“Carbon Removal”


“Test kits” capture human DNA, sent off to Communist Chinese contractors for “gene harvesting” (again - look at those pictures above)

“Great Reset”

“Zero Carbon”

“4th Industrial Revolution”



Campaign words - advertising campaigns, slogans - to change public opinion, and create future markets for future product campaigns, corporate policy, or culture creation

For instance: “carbon markets”, “carbon taxes”, “carbon rationing”, “carbon neutral”, “zero carbon”, “reduce carbon”, etc

A lot of that mean made in China

These demons need fertile markets for their scams

Bank accounts locked - “social credit scores” - “unapproved narratives” - “misinformation” - “contact tracing” - QR codes to buy and sell - aka “mark of the beast”

“Meat” rationing

For “the earth”

The “1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” removed liability from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies for their experiments on children

“Vaccine” - just a word now - as cover for synthetic biology, nanotechnology, transhumanism - a shaky one at best now

All injections are bioweapons

Legally, parent or guardian, the one who signed their initials, agreed to the state-sanctioned attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, negligence, tort law, attempted manslaughter?

“No more pets”


These people are pedo scum

Please do not let Pfizer, Moderna, and all of these crooked demons get away with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, criminal conspiracy, tort law, etc

Fake J List

We all have to use the legal system, while we still have it

King George 1776

400 million firearms

Now think about what they just did

  • to our people

  • our nations

  • our children

  • what they are still doing

They used the “Prep act”, emergency declarations, and psychological warfare

On our people

  • to attempt to enslave us to give up our rights

  • allow corporate consolidation

  • treat everyone like a prisoner

  • closed down places of worship using state agents

  • used advertising campaign slogan language

  • Twitter files, backing everything up

Again, lawsuits - that’s the only thing these demons respond to

They are hijacking our culture, poisoning our youth, compromising our people

1913 - They got in

Fake J List

“For the earth”

“greater good”

“Carbon” allotments

“Climate change”


“Greater good”

“Trust the science”

“Smart Cities”

“15 Minute Cities”

“Agenda 21”

“Agenda 2030”


“Build Back Better”


They keep hammering these campaign words into the psyche of the general public

No more natural child birth - you'll have to go to the state

“Smart” thermostats, which have the ability to lower your air conditioning temperature in the middle of the night, without your knowing, for “the earth”, and because you ran out of “carbon credits”?

Please listen to this:

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document


BREAKING: General Flynn Calls For Investigation Into SPARS 2025-2028


Smoking Gun Document: Crimson Contagion Shows Bill Gates Blueprint For “COVID” Launch


Newly minted “racial justice” / “social justice” warriors should all reference previous “racial justice” campaigns, that have been funded, and rolled out in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the Soviet Union - please see the “fruits" of those campaigns

Look Familiar?

They Are Operatives


Luciferian language campaign, as a front, for organ harvesting, human sacrifice, Luciferian rituals, depopulation, legalized murder

”Abortion” Leading Global Cause of Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed

All kind of look familiar?

It’s in the Old and New Testament

Human sacrifice to the Gods - God of fertility, Sun God - they are attempting to bring it all back

California proposes curriculum with chanting name of Aztec god who accepts human sacrifice

“Digital ID”, “Vaccine” “Passport”, “Credentials”, “Mark of the beast”, “6 6 6”

Luciferian inversion campaigns - see the upside down cross

“Build Back Better” is a “United Nations” advertising campaign - Same club as Biden, Trudeau, Pelosi, Macron, Boris Johnson - compromised hand picked pedophile puppets of “the corporation”


Operatives, moles, spies, carrying out the strategic objectives, the business plan, of “the corporation”

It’s that simple

The same “UN” is running the open borders, human trafficking operation, at the border

Human trafficking is big “business”

Same “War on Drugs”

Same as the Iraq war

Drug trafficking is big “business”

Forced inoculations are big “business”

How about being able to choose who is “essential” and who is isn’t? In a “crisis”?

They are not on your team

They are on the team of “the corporation”

Got It?

Their team name has many different names, but one of them is the “New World Order”

Insert poss “NWO” with them saying it - I don’t know why they say it - but they do

Biden: “How I Learned To Love The New World Order” - Wall Street Journal - 1992

Biden Says United States Must Lead 'New World Order'

George Bush Sr - “A New World Order”

Don’t get hung up on words like “New World Order”, or “Build Back Better” though

They can create new campaigns

“Great Reset” is another one them

They are all advertising campaigns for “the corporation” - the one that owns shares in other corporate monopolies - it has shareholders - your “owners” - or so they believe

The “Federal Reserve” (which is not “federal”, and owns no “reserves”), is also a corporation, with a board of directors, and shareholders

The people you interact with are the employees - the banking clerk, the open market window

They are issuing you credit on a “Federal Reserve Note”’

That’s all being replaced now, digital numbers on screens

Whoever installs the software

Our current system was installed by “the corporation” in 1913 - Colonel Edward M. House

Titanic sinks

ADL (the one attempting to deplatform, terrorize, and remove everyone’s freedom of speech) was set up in 1913 to protect the Jewish privately owned, and controlled Federal Reserve

They sent their operatives in to be the PR firm of the Jewish banking mafia

ADL and KKK, born 1913

It’s all the same divide and conquer

The same international banking families, who like to start wars, as you’ve seen with the Russia - Ukraine mess

They own the shares in the technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, Blackrock, Vanguard - they believe they are your owners

Sounds crazy, I know

All bread crumbs lead to the same groups

As a reminder, the last group to claim ownership of our land, our firearms, our children, our education system, our way of life, our speech - was King George (same groups) - 1776

Remember How That Ended?

These groups helped to set up “Communist” China, Opium trade, Opium Wars in China - they helped to set up Israel, planned before WWII - the old round table groups remaining from the old British Empire, Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner, British royal family, Vatican - the old money

Round Table movement

Any Further Questions?

How Does This All Affect Me?

A military style campaign against “climate change”, says Prince Charles, now “King” Charles

Climate Pledge Arena

Climate Pledge on Google Maps

Is it all coming together?

These people are back for round 2 - using psychological warfare, and advertising campaigns, to wiggle the general public into giving up their rights, freedoms, way of life


Because they are crazy, that’s why

For the “earth” - with “carbon”, and “climate change” as the cover campaign for a new type of slavery

High tech slavery

Those who will be trading the “carbon” credits - will be your new owners

Al Gore launches climate change asset manager

Bill Gates Proposes Carbon Taxes at World Economic Forum

“Carbon” = tied to your:

  • freedom to travel (flights, trains, cars, buses)

  • choice of food (meat consumption, factory grown, gmo, chimeric protein, bug protein, animal products, etc)

  • where you can live (see Smart Cities, Australia, Netherlands)

And many more luxuries, privileges, and rights we take for granted

Including where you get your food from, who your farmer is (Bill Gates lab grown meat) - everything tied to your “social credit score", “carbon score" and “carbon allowance”

If you think this is impossible, they already do this in China - called the
"social credit score

Coming soon: America’s own “social credit” system

King George - 1776 - remember?

Again, this does not end well

The British created a “social” hierarchy system called the “caste” system in their previous colony - India

High tech enslavement “for the earth"

The most common form of peasant management system throughout history?

It’s called “feudalism

You may have heard of this before

Only the “lords”, and owners could hunt their own “meat”, and travel

The rest were “slaves”, who could not leave the plantation without permission from the “lord"

Aka “Smart Cities”, “15 Minute Cities”, “carbon neutral”

It’s just rebranding of the old system - human sacrifice, slavery

The enemy is very sophisticated, and they use campaign slogans, mass media, institutional policy, board of directors, the court system, and pedophile, compromised Jesuit, and Jew front-men and women, and Luciferians, to carry out their campaigns

The real demons lurk in the shadows

They want to live forever

Life extension technology

They feel they need to experiment on the public

They make a lot of money in war

Would have no problem bringing us into WWIII with Ukraine, Russia, China, and who ever else feels like jumping in

I broke down all the most common campaigns here

They want to enslave our people, cut off our food supply, and energy supplies


Because that’s what people in power do - they want more control, and more power - and to solidify it for as long as possible into the future

They have defrauded our people to get to this point

Think about how many of our freedoms, rights, and norms were upended over one mass media campaign in 2020 - coordinated (see Twitter files)

They got people to lock themselves in their houses over nothing

Think about that

What’s next?

Nothing happened

No one got arrested yet


Final battle

Get ready

Unrestricted warfare”, published by a couple Chinese generals

China awaits

The new state religion is “trans”, submission, sterilization, “abortion”, face diapers, gene testing, human sacrifice, organ harvesting, human trafficking, hospital “policy”, Luciferianism, and depopulation - “for the earth”

Like livestock, which needs to be moved to a new farm, you are being nudged into it

If we do not resist this as a collective, our children are DONE

What Can You Do?

Learn history

Get educated

Ask questions

Spread the word

Help children

They are attempting to bring the old system back

Our ancestors fled tyranny, and had to fight deadly wars to keep their freedom away from tyrants

My great grandfather lost HALF of his family to the same Fabian Socialist “racial justice" campaigns in the Soviet Union

His story is here

“Carbon” scores on infants, trees, food, water, travel, technology - every last thing you can possibly dream of

So Al Gore, Gates, and their criminal pedophile group can trade the “credits”?

They are the Luciferian fake “Jews”, as indicated in scripture

See 9/11

John: 10:10

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not”

Revelation 3:9

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”

Everything Has Been Done Covertly

They’ve been doing this covertly through the “child vaccination schedule”, which is code for bio-medical experimentation with gain of function biolab concoctions for “protection", “greater good”

How much $ do you think it costs to adopt?


Let’s say it’s $10,000

Sound close?

Then why are they killing them?

Maybe they can get more for the organs?

No need for “abortion”

Zachary King, former Satanic high priest, conductor of many “ritual” abortions:

“Every abortion clinic has a satanic coven member”

“assisted abortion”

“after hours breeders”

How Deep Do You Want To Go?

They want to bring you into their Luciferian religion, to compromise you

Check out the Super Bowl half time shows

Again, “climate change” is “seige” - just a different campaign name for it - changing definitions

We are in a war right now

They get our freedom or speech, freedom to post online - they are shutting down our information channels, ability to communicate with “misinformation”, “anti-semitic”, etc as the campaign

Cutting off the communication lines is a classic form of warfare

Same with shutting down the energy pipelines

Biden “I guarantee you, we will “fossil fuel”

That means “seige” - look outside

Diesel trucks are delivering the food to the restaurants, entertainment areas

The “carbon” is the new caste system

“Vaccines” are statutory “rape”, and “assault” - probably violates a whole lot of tort law as well - human experimentation - future customer generation, through compromised immune systems, and skyrocketing “autism"

Our means of production, our fuel supply, food supply, supply lines, opening up our borders, declaring war on our children, sexualizing them, attempting to mutilate them, aiding and abetting “abortion”, and “trans” (child mutilation) - attempting to compromise the future of our gene pool with experimental gene therapy bioweapons, without disclosure

Pharmacist Shows Blank COVID 19 “Vaccine” Insert

“To learn who rules over you simply look to those you cannot criticize”

John 8:32

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

Jeremiah 1:5

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”

“misdirection”,' sleight of hand:

A very common warfare tactic used throughout history

“information warfare”

“Depopulation”, “trans-humanism”

New system, complete domination, control over all life on earth

New humans, Brave New World-style society, “smart cities”, compliant, obedient slavery of the masses, synthetic biology, robots, programmable AI, genetic engineering

Get the public to be atheists, so they’ll go along with their enslavement campaigns

Once rolled out, not know right from wrong, compromise their compass, look the other way, sacrifice their children to the state “for the earth”, for “the greater good" - “diversity”, “inclusion”, self-policing, like the old Soviet Union

Sacrifice their elderly because “they are vulnerable”, “for protection”

“Do Not Resuscitate” orders

Hospital “protocols”

Remdesivir, Midazolam, ventilators, “masks”, “test kits”, “quarantine”, “shelter in place”

Rat out their neighbors, compromise the medical system

None of this is easy to diagnose, let alone to communicate in writing

If you've gotten this far, be proud of yourself

Please spread the word, even if it’s easier to look away

Ex-KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov has called all of this “ideological warfare”

You, your family, your kin - are now in a war whether you’d like it or not, just like our ancestors before us were in wars

You are not immune from war

These demons do not like your children - they do not like babies - they do not like you - or whoever made you, in his image

Revelation 12:12

“For the devil is to come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has, but a short time”

These people are disgusting, and must be exposed

Yuval Noah Harari has said: “Free will - that’s over

He means you, your children, your way of life

No, these people are not atheists - far from it

Very religious

Again, why would you kill a baby?

They don’t - they do far worse things than you can imagine

“Digital ID”, “digital currency”, “central bank digital currency"

The same one now, that just came with forced inoculations, under the US Department of Defense’s “Operation Warp Speed” Program

These same people want depopulation, a 1,000 year rule, using technology, genetic engineering, and psychological warfare to enslave the masses

You ok with that?

Are you down for that?

I honestly wish we were in different times - I really do

But our children look up to us now

You can move the tide

That’s why God put you here - to resist these demons

You have to choose though

Free will

2 teams

He gives you free will


Only 2 Sides

Matthew 7:15

“You will know them by their fruits”


“Fantastic job putting this all together, thank you”

“I’m stunned. I usually don’t get stunned these days”

If you’ve gotten this far, I’m shocked

Most people don’t read

SPARS presentation - 2021 - please watch

Summary is here

God has given you life

Let’s protect it - all of it

No one is coming to save us

Not Trump, or Elon

The times make the man, make the woman

I bounce ideas here, reformulate, communicate from here, all of my content is here, things I’m finding

Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, Tavistock Group (same one coming with “trans” now, California Medical School, 1961, co-founder of the UN, UNESCO, along with his brother Julian Huxley

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution”

Their “final revolution” has begun

Get Ready

The same groups funding “BLM”, “trans” gender on children (child mutilation), one gender bathrooms, “equity” - are the same ones funding “drag queen story time”, “We Support Ukraine”, which is a massive money laundering operation, “free” “public” schools (Marxist plank), open borders, and forced inoculations (with lab-made bio-weapons)

The enemy is out in the open

Luciferians have made their move

  1. Repent

  2. Spread the word

Externalization of their hierarchy

His fingerprint is on your genetic code

Do you not know you are a miracle? That our children are miracles?

Let the criminals rot

We can battle them until the end

Your team needs you now

Assemble now

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“Fantastic job putting this all together, thank you”, “I’m stunned. I usually don’t get stunned these days”, “THIS IS NUTS”


Mike Halpern

“THIS IS NUTS”, “Fantastic job putting this all together, thank you”, “I’m stunned. I usually don’t get stunned these days”, “You’re doing a great job”