The Matrix Film, 1999
Communist Chinese (CCP) agents - state, regional police dressed up in white medical gear on the streets of China, 2022

PCR test inventor, Kary Mullis, died in 2019

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He said above it doesn’t test for anything

Here’s are some pictures of what they’re putting into the actual “test kits”

Any More Questions?

“You will own nothing, and be happy”

“Climate change”

“You will eat bugs”

“No more meat”

“No more private property”

“No more combustion engines”

“No more cars”

“Smart cities”

“Great Reset”

“Build Back Better”

“Zero Carbon”

“Carbon Removal”




“4th Industrial Revolution”

“Test kits” capture human DNA, sent off to Communist Chinese contractors for “gene harvesting” (see pictures above), a worldwide campaign, under the guise of “health” information

Bank accounts locked - “social credit scores” - “unapproved narratives” - “misinformation” - “contact tracing” - QR codes to buy and sell - aka “mark of the beast”

Above is a remote controlled drone, holding up a massive QR code for the Chinese people to scan with their mobile phones - to continue driving their vehicles on the highway

Think about that

“In Time” 2011 film with Justin Timberlake?

The “ruling class” have been funding the sci-fi films, and TV scripts to get the public conditioned before the bio-medical digital ID technocracy roll out - everything planned in advance

Hollywood movies are getting their scripts cleared by the national security apparatus

The same one now, coming with forced inoculations, under the US Department of Defense’s “Operation Warp Speed” Program

The federal government has been taken over by Luciferian human trafficking demons

These people want a 1,000 year rule, using technology, and psychological warfare to enslave the masses

Unrestricted warfare”, published by a couple Chinese generals

Everyone who has signed onto any of this - is signing onto “depopulation”, and “trans-humanism” in their own writings, and speeches - everything a psyop

“For the earth”

“For the greater good”

“Carbon” allotments

“meat” rationing

for “the earth”

travel bans

no more pets

cutting off of natural resources - “seige"

no more natural child birth - you'll have to go to the state


These are very sophisticated chess players, and war-mongers who use psychological warfare strategies to manipulate the public into turning on their fellow man, women, and coerce them into sacrificing children, and eldey - for “the earth”

They’ve been doing this covertly through the “child vaccination schedule”, which is code for bio-medical experimentation with gain of function laboratories

1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act” removed liability from injection pharmaceutical manufacturing companies for their experiments on children

If your child gets maimed by a bioweapon in a needle, you now go to the feds, and cannot sue the pharma company

You then usually just get paid off

You could also sue your parent or guardian - the one who signed off, agreed to the state-sanctioned attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon - aka “vaccine”

“Smart” thermostats, which have the ability to lower your air conditioning temperature in the middle of the night, without your knowing, for “the earth”

“Climate change”


“Greater good”

“Trust the science”

“Smart Cities”

“15 Minute Cities”

“Agenda 21”

“Agenda 2030”

“Build Back Better”


If there is one document you need to read, it's the SPARS document

BREAKING: General Flynn Calls For Investigation Into SPARS 2025-2028

Smoking Gun Document: Crimson Contagion Shows Bill Gates Blueprint For “COVID” Launch

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document

The same groups funding “BLM”, “trans” gender on children (child mutilation), one gender bathrooms, “equity” -’are the same ones funding drag queen story time at “free” “public” schools (Marxism), open borders, forced inoculations (bio-weapons)

The new state religion of submission, and depopulation - “for the earth”, and “racial justice” probably need to reference previous “racial justice” campaigns in Zimbabwe, and South Africa - see the “fruits" of those campaigns

“I’m stunned. I usually don’t get stunned these days”


Climate Pledge Arena

Climate Pledge on Google Maps

Any further questions?

For the “harvest”, “earth”, human sacrifice, was the old religion

They are attempting to bring it back, covertly

A military style campaign against “climate change” - King Charles

Prince Charles, now King Charles, has declared war on “climate change" - he means you, and your children

King George, 1776

Sound familiar?

This doesn’t end well

As I am writing about this:

They are shutting down our means of production, our fuel supply, food supply

This is called “seige” - very common warfare tactic called throughout history

Cutting off your enemy’s supply lines

No, these people are not atheists - far from it

They are very religious

The campaign has been to get the public to be atheists, so they’ll go along with their enslavement campaigns, compromise their compass of right from wrong - sacrifice their children, self-police, compromise each other, and rat out their neighbors

This is what ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov has called “ideological warfare”

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not”

Revelation 3:9

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”

John: 10:10

“To learn who rules over you simply look to those you cannot criticize”

They are the Luciferian fake “Jews”, as indicated in scripture

They do not like you - they do not like your children

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