Since mid 2021 when I do a bluetooth scan on my android phone I find loads of "unknown" MAC codes in busy areas.

These did not exist before mid 2021.

I hope I am wrong but IMO these have to be coming from the bodies of covid vaccinated people, and if they are it must be using graphene and other cutting edge tech.

Any android phone can do this bluetooth search, but the setting "show bluetooth devices without a name" must be set to on.

On a lot of androids this setting has been (deliberately) moved from the bluetooth menu to the developer options menu. See this 1 min video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn4bRTFicZw to access the developer settings and turn on this bluetooth setting. Then scan the vaxxed!!

Heres a video https://screenpal.com/watch/c0nlr8VxRmr of my phone doing a recent bluetooth scan showing these MAC codes. These codes are 100% not phones or wearables, as they have no identifier. All proper MAC codes have a manufacturer and device ID in the code which can be looked up here https://maclookup.app/search

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